Senior Year Arrives

Today my son headed off to school to begin his senior year at Santa Barbara High School. My how time has flown since we walked him down to Marlatt Elementary School in Manhattan, KS to start kindergarten. Since then he's spent time (doesn't that sound like prison language) at Peabody Elementary, Santa Barbara JHS, and now three years at SBHS. A senior year is like no other -- full of promise, much uncertainty. College beckons for Brett -- wants to be a film maker -- but where is yet to be decided.

This Fall is heavy on band and the social sciences -- Black studies, AP US Government, Senior English, and Film -- besides 3 band classes. I'm excited about this year -- a bit emotional I suppose -- but excited to see what will come of things. And, as I've been reminded, senior years go by fast.

So, while I'm a Mighty Pelican of 1976 (Klamath Union High School), Brett is a Don of 2008 -- the slogan for the school is this: "Once a Don, always a Don." So hurrah for the Don's of 2008!


Blessings on Don in this crucial year.

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