Surviving a Son's Suicide (Ron Higdon) -- A Book Note

SURVIVING A SON'S SUICIDE: Finding Comfort and Hope in Faith, Friends, and Community,  By Ronald Higdon. Gonzalez, FL:  Energion Publications, 2014.  66 pages.

Ron Higdon is a retired pastor (although he continues to do interim ministries) and a member of the Academy of Parish Clergy (an organization of which I am also a member).  He is also a father whose son committed suicide. Writing as both father and as a pastor he has written a brief but compassionate book that speaks from the heart to those who also have suffered similar losses. 

As I write in the blurb I provided the publisher for the book:  
It is always difficult to lose a loved one to death.  When the loved one is your child, it is even more difficult, especially when death comes by suicide.  Ron Higdon is a pastor who has experienced this very tragedy, and with this book he shares his own grief and wisdom.  It is a wisdom he passes on to others, those who have experienced such a loss, those who want to be supportive, and those who are called to minister to and possibly within such a loss.  It must be a difficult story to tell, but Ron shares with us what is helpful and what is not.  Such a testimony will be a blessing to many.  

In the course of the book, Ron addresses the realities of one's grief, one's feeling of responsibility, and a road to healing.  So, if you or someone you know is a parent who has suffered from such a loss then I believe this is a book that will speak to the heart.  If you're a pastor Ron's pastoral insights will prove invaluable.  I invite you to pick up and read.   


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