#HestoNoNo -- Giants Baseball

There's a lot going on in the world -- religiously, culturally, and politically, the things I often comment on.  But on a morning when I just didn't know what to say, a gift was handed to me.  

Last night rookie pitcher Chris Heston, a player who wasn't even on the Giants radar as being a mainstay of their rotation at the beginning of the year, threw the first no-hitter of the year.  He is the first Giant rookie to throw a no-hitter in more than a century, and its only the 17th no-hitter in franchise history. He has been a godsend for the Giants, who are awaiting two veteran pitchers to come off the Disabled List. He's had a few bad games, but most of the time he's been great, and last night he was near perfect (with the exception of those three hit batsmen!).  Oh, there's another kicker to this -- two other young players, Matt Duffy and Joe Panik, each contributed a home run.  And did I report that Heston had two singles, one of which drove in two runs.

So today for my meditation I want to celebrate Chris Heston and his No Hitter!  Go Giants!


Steve Kindle said…
When you go to a baseball game, you have no idea what to expect. Anything can happen. Last night, Tim Flannery (just retired from coaching 3rd base for the Giants) said there is something mystical about baseball. I feel that way too. Baseball is the pursuit of perfection. "90 feet of perfection," as it has been described. When a perfect game is pitched and fielded (no runs, hits, or errors), It is the most celebrated accomplishment in sports (perhaps only rivaled by the Triple Crown). Near perfection was achieved last night. We love baseball for many reasons, but mostly because it reminds us that the impossible is possible, after all.

BTW, Buster Posey is the most important Giant. Without him, our pitchers would be less effective than they are. When the Giants celebrated Bumgarner's perfect game, I thought they didn't give enough credit to him. No more. Kruk and Kuip were most laudatory in the post-game wrap.
Robert Cornwall said…
Yes, Buster is the heart of the team -- along with Hunter Pence. They continue to surprise us!!

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