Who's Right about the Bible -- A Conversation

Christians affirm the Bible to be the authoritative text for Christians. But after we make that claim, what do we do with it? When we come to the Bible we need to recognize the lenses through which we read the Bible. Last night Henry Neufeld, the publisher of Energion Publications, hosted a conversation between Steve Kindle and me.  Steve and I have recently published brief books with Energion on the Bible.  My book is titled The Authority of Scripture in a Postmodern Age: Some Help from Karl Barth (Topical Line Drives Book 9).  In this book I share how Karl Barth can help us engage Scripture as revelation, as a word of God, without having to embrace a narrow inerrantist vision of that text.  My friend of fifteen years and like me a Disciples of Christ minister, has written a book that speaks to the question of interpretation -- and the lenses through which we read the text.  Titled I'm Right and You're Wrong: Why we disagree about the Bible and what to do about it (Topical Line Drives Book 16), Steve invites us to wrestle with our disagreements so we might come together as Christians. My review of the book can be found here on the blog.   

It was an interesting and lively conversation to which I would like to invite you to share in.  The conversation lasts an hour, but I think you'll find it intriguing.


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