An Ash Wednesday Prayer

O Jesus, you place on my forehead
the sign of your saving Cross:
“Turn from sin and be faithful
to the gospel.”

How can I turn from sin
unless I turn to you?

You speak, you raise your hand,
you touch my mind and call my name,
“Turn to the Lord your God again.”

These days of your favor
leave a blessing as you pass
on me and all your people.
Turn to us, Lord God,
and we shall turn to you.


John said…
My own reflection:

The ashes on my forehead are not unlike the blood of the lamb, painted on the lentel of the Hebrews in Egypt, a sign and a sacrifice, that the Angel of the Lord would pass over the home so anointed, preserving and protecting those within against.

May these ashes be a sign and sacrifice of my own, and may the awesome Angel of Lord have mercy upon me, and may the Hand the Lord protect and preserve me against all evil, including my own.


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