Star Trek Returns

Okay, I may not go to Star Trek Conventions, nor do I wear those funny ears, but I have long been a Star Trek fan. I even liked Star Trek 1, which wasn't all that good. Still, as much as I like Star Wars, nothing beats Star Trek.

So, I am excited about the upcoming prequel to the 60's era show. In the next edition of Star Trek we meet James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock -- in the early days, before the 5 year mission. Below is the trailer, and if the movie is half as exciting as the trailer -- we're in for a great movie. Well, at least for us Trekkers!

H/T to Connexions


adhunt said…
And how! Besides my Pentecostal upbringing, my parents also passed on a love of all things Trek. DS9 is still my favorite series, but I do love the movies.

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