Super Bowl 43 -- My Take!

Well, this was a typical Super Bowl. Not all that exciting for most of the game. In the end, Pittsburgh won 27-22, taking its 6th of 7 Super Bowl crowns. That's the record, of course, and gives them arguing rights for claiming to be the greatest NFL franchise ever. The Steelers have rarely done it pretty -- the exception might be Lynn Swann in the 70s, but they get it done.

As for last night, until the final ten minutes, besides the commercials, the high light was that James Harrison 100 yard Touch Down Interception run. Great to see a big guy take it to the other side. He would probably have been MVP, had he not committed that stupid personal foul.

Things got fun when Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald finally put it together for a quick TD. The Cardinals seemed poised for their first Super Bowl crown. After all, the Pittsburgh offense had sputtered throughout the second half, especially in the Red Zone. But then, Big Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes began to connect, and low and behold, with less than a minute to go, they hooked up for a beautiful pass play in the corner of the end zone.

WOW! The Cardinals tried to make a valiant comeback, but they simply ran out of time and that was that. Steelers are Super Bowl Champs. They understood that the game is 60 minutes long, as the coach declared, and they won. Congratulations to Mike Tomlin -- Just 36 years old and in his 4th season.

You have to give it to the Cardinals, though. Here was a real bottom of the barrel team. No championships. No real play off runs. No one gave them much hope of doing anything, and then along comes grizzled old Kurt Warner (in football years that is), and he replaces the golden boy QB, Matt Leinart, and takes them to the Super Bowl. So, congratulations to them as well. Gives the Lions some opportunity for hope!

As for the commercials -- sort of subdued, but some interesting ones out there. Liked the Coke parody of the Joe Green commercial of yesteryear -- with Troy Polamalu taking Joe's place.


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