My Son the Radical

My son, a senior at Santa Barbara High School, came home today to tell me that he'd participated in a little civil disobedience. About 100 students sat in the main hallway for two hours to protest a school decision not to allow the showing of a documentary about the Iraq War and Arlington West produced by Veteran's for Peace.
Students participating in this effort, of course, will be marked as truants.

It's his first brush with radical politics. Back when I was his age, of course, I was a good Gerry Ford Republican, and we didn't do sit ins. How times have changed!

Here's a brief run down.


steph said…
What good reason could they have for not showing the film? None! And truancy - what a politically biased dreadful school. When I was at high school I marched on the anti-Springbok tour demonstration which divided the country at the time but I wasn't marked as a truant (and neither was a teacher who also marched). I think the anti-nuclear marches were in the weekend. Of course my school wouldn't ever have got involved in those debates but did teach us about apartheid and nuclear issues. I hope the students can see the film and don't letter the matter drop.
Adam Gonnerman said…
Good for him. The article mentions military recruiters being common on campus. I'd say they should be prohibited from setting foot on campus, as the military is clearly biased.

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